Self regulated Heated Hose

Here is a question asked of yesterday:

With the electrical connection end of the heated hose located inside your rv will the portion of the hose outside, in the elements, still be heat regulated via the outside temperature? thank you - dick

Our answer: 

One thing that sets us apart from the "other heated hoses" is our heat regulation, if the area on the hose needs to have heat to keep above freezing, it will draw power to heat. If that area of hose does not need heat to stay above freezing it will draw less power. If your plan is to place the electrical connection on the RV side you’ll need a couple of adapters for the water connections. The electrical end of FreezeFreeHose® is the female garden hose and the opposite end is the male. Any hardware store should have adapters with male to male and female to female garden hose thread adapters. Anywhere you have the adapters exposed to freezing weather please insulate the fitting. I hope this answers your questions, if not feel free to email or call us.


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