SmartTechProducts announces the Acquisition of Neumann & Bennetts

Posted by Don VonderBurg on

SmartTechProducts, a division of VonderBurg Ventures, Inc., located in Klamath Falls Oregon, has acquired Neumann & Bennetts makers of the well known and popular Plasti-Duk™ duck decoys and dog trainers. Neumann & Bennetts (N&B) created by Warren Neumann and Stu Bennetts in 1954 started making plastic duck decoys for waterfowl hunters and added many other products throughout the years. With the passing of Warren Neumann in 2013 N&B continued operations under the control of his son Carlos Neumann. N&B’s flagship products are the manufacturing and sales of Plasti-Duk™ Decoys and Dog Training Bumpers for waterfowl hunters. In a diversification move in 1990’s N&B added divisions in the custom plastic manufacturing business. The 25,000 square foot facility located at 419 S Broad Street Klamath Falls Oregon can accommodate large quantities of plastic products to be produced. 

VonderBurg Ventures, Inc. started by Don and Cheryl VonderBurg in 2002 for the purpose of overseeing entrepreneurship of business opportunities created and operated by the VonderBurg’s and their family. Current dba is SmartTechProducts a company involved in the manufacturing/assembly retail products for the Home and Garden, RV, Ranch/Farming and Outdoor Sporting markets. SmartTechProducts flagship products are FreezeFreeHose®, Add-A-Stat®, SunBlockHose™ sold direct on their online store at N&B was producing smart plastic parts for SmartTechProducts for their FreezeFreeHose® product line. 

In Jan of 2020 SmartTechProducts was presented with the opportunity to acquire N&B. “The acquisition made sense,” said Carlos Neumann. He continued with “In today’s uncertain times, synergy of combining companies with the same goals of making products in America while at the same time combining forces is a winning decision.” Don VonderBurg, CEO of SmartTechProducts added, “SmartTechProducts will bring N&B product lines to our online presence while reducing overhead by operating both profit centers under one roof.” The two companies will combine operations at the 419 S Broad Street location in Klamath Falls.