The FreezeFreeHose Story

Posted by Don VonderBurg on

As we all know, heated water hoses are essential for people camping, RV’ing, or working construction in cold weather. The sales of heated hose have really increased over the past few years; however, the problems have also increased. There are far too many warranties and other problems, such as leaks, burned out heat wire, shorted circuit, thermostat failure, hose bursting, female and male ends breaking off and more. SmartTechProducts FreezeFreeHose® addressed these problems by putting our minds to work to develop the most reliable heated water hose on the market.

First, we looked at different hose materials. PVC, Vinyl or Rubber did not meet our standards for drinking water safe hose. We contracted with a USA company that manufactures the highest quality hoses on the market. They only use pure virgin polyurethane material that is 100% free from toxic chemicals such as lead, BPA and phthalates often found in other water hoses.

Second, we looked at the heat source. Some companies extrude the heat wire into the wall of the hose. That was not an option for our FreezeFreeHose®, for many reasons, such as heat wire breakage, heat loss and others. Some companies used a PTC (Positive Coefficient Temperature) heat cable and placed it on a PVC water hose and put a heavy sleeve over the two creating a bulky, heavy, less flexible hose, as well as having excessive heat loss.

At SmartTechProducts we used a specially designed PTC self-regulating double insulated heat cable, small in diameter, and installed it inside of the hose. The water surrounds the coated heat cable, therefore making our heated hose more efficient.

Third, we looked at using an electrical cord attached to one end of the hose to power the heat cable. We did not like the idea of a 6 to 10-foot electrical cord dangling from our FreezeFreeHose®. In many cases the cord would not be long enough to reach the power source anyway. So, we invested in an expensive injection mold to make a plastic wye type manifold of high impact plastic to attach to our hose. With this manifold you can use your own extension cord with the length of your choosing.

Fourth, we debated on permanently installing a thermostat, although with the self-regulating PTC heat cable a thermostat is not required however, to conserve on power usage a thermostat can be used, so we designed and manufacturered an optional thermostat called Add-A-Stat®. The Add-A-Stat® can be used in many applications other than the FreezeFreeHose®.

Finally, with our specially designed PTC self-regulating heat cable and our wye fitting we can custom make any length of hose, up to 100 feet. Our competitors, using constant wattage heat wire, must have a different wattage heat wire for each hose length limiting the length available, plus a thermostat that has a potential to fail.