Heated Water Hose FreezeFreeHose Select Lengths 15' to 50'

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FreezeFreeHose® (patent pending) heated water hoses made from 100% virgin polyurethane. This makes the FreezeFreeHose® drinking water safe, no plastic taste, and durable. This material will not permanently kink and made in 5/8"ID for maximum water flow. Most hoses allow sunlight to penetrate, promoting algae and bacteria to grow. FreezeFreeHose® is black lined to prevent sunlight from the water source. The internal heater regulated using a new solid state Positive Temperature Controller. This means a thermostat is not necessary. Add an external thermostat like the Add-A-Stat® (sold separately) for more energy savings. As the water in the hose gets warmer, the solid state PTC will produce less heat. When the temperature gets colder the solid state PTC will produce more heat. With the new solid state PTC the water temperature will not overheat.

Other heated hoses waste the heat you purchased by applying the electric heat to the outside of the hose. The FreezeFreeHose® has a Teflon® coated, triple insulated heater inside the hose to heat water at the source. The FreezeFreeHose® plugs into a standard 110-120 volt GFCI socket. And it's grounded the full length of the hose. Use it for your RV drinking water supply, watering livestock, construction sites. Or any watering applications in below freezing temperatures. Our new solid state PTC design allows us to manufacture hoses with many different lengths.

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The FreezeFreeHose® Story

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Made in the Oregon USA.

  • FreezeFreeHose® is designed drinking water safe for potable water systems.
  • Rugged enough to be used in other applications, i.e. construction, farms, etc.
  • 5/8" inside diameter for maximum water flow.
  • Some lengths will be made on demand and delay shipping 3-5 days.
  • Solid State Positive Temperature Controller.
  • Limited 1 year warranty.

Electrical Information:

FreezeFreeHose® uses solid state PTC (Positive Temperature Controller) technology. 



Amps @ 120v

Recommended GFCI
Circuit Breaker
15 1.5
15 AMP
20 1.5
15 AMP
25 1.5
15 AMP
30 1.5
15 AMP
35 2.5
15 AMP
40 2.5
15 AMP
50 2.5
15 AMP


Ask a Question
  • How hot does the water in the hose get?

    The FreezeFreeHose™ uses a self regulating heater wire. Temperature of the water inside the hose can reach 100° F when water is not moving through the hose. This is much like a garden hose you leave in the sun. When using your FreezeFreeHose hose for drinking water, or for watering plants, run the water for a minute or two (about 2oz per foot of hose) to chase the warm water out of the hose if the water in the hose has not been used for a while. The running water through the hose will not heat. The use of an Add-A-Stat® (sold separately) will prevent the water in the hose from heating to 100° when ambient air temperature is above 50° F.

  • Is it drinking water safe?

    Yes. FreezeFreeHose™ is drinking water safe. We use only 100% virgin polyurethane from BAYER Material Science. The formulations we use meet both FDA and NSF standards for drinking water safe applications. We don't use regrind or recycled resins that can often be contaminated and/or have compromised mechanical properties.    The polyurethane we use is 100% virgin and does not contain harmful lead, BPA or phthalates (plasticizers). 

  • I have a 100 ft hose and now I need one a bit longer, can you add a shorter one to the 100 ft and will it work properly? Thank You

    Good question. You can put two or more hoses together but there are some challenges. First being the electrical. Both FreezeFreeHoses must be on separate circuit breakers. Any length over 75' should be on a 20 amp circuit by itself. The second FreezeFreeHose if under 75' can be on a separate 15 amp circuit. The electrical cup wye also needs to be protected from moisture to protect the electrical connections from getting wet. So you cannot lay the two joined hoses on the ground where pools of water can form and short it out. For protection we always recommend a GFCI circuit. Also where the hoses join should be insulated to protect from freezing. The connection may not get the heat migration from the two joining hoses without help from insulation. Insulated material just on the water connections should suffice. If all these conditions are met there should no problem joining two FreezeFreeHose's together.

  • Hi, what temp does the water inside the hose get to before the heating element turns off?

    The water in the hose can get to 105°F when it is not moving. The heat wire does not turn off it is self regulating. It provides heat when it is cold and less heat when warm. Once water starts moving through the hose it will be ground water temperature, approximately 42°F, as soon as the water in the hose is replaced. When the water stops moving the temperature will start the process of heating it again to the 105°. We advise in our instructions to run water through the hose to remove the heated water which is about 2 ounces per foot. Much like you would do with a garden hose left in sunlight.

  • Could I feasibly use this hose to heat and run to an inflatable water slide for kids to keep the water reasonably warm? Maybe with add a stat to control the temp.

    Thank you for the question. Quick answer is no. The FreezeFreeHose cannot be used as a water heat source. The water travelling through the hose will quickly become the temperature of the ground water source. When the water is not travelling through the FreezeFreeHose it will eventually heat to about 90-100°F, but that takes about 20-60 mins depending on outside ambient temperature.

  • Can you leave the water on continuously? I have chickens and the water source is a distance away from the coop. I would like to leave the water on 24/7. (I live in Western Washington and we don't often see weather below 15 degrees fahrenheit.)

    Thank you for the question. Yes. FreezeFreeHose is designed to leave the water on and not freeze. Since you mentioned chickens, take a look at our Add-A-Stat to turn a heater on at 35°F and off at 48°F. Many of our customers, and we do this for our chickens too, use Add-A-Stat.

  • What type of an extension cord does a person need for the freeze free hose

    Any standard outdoor use extension cord with one male and female end and rated for 15 amps at 110 to 120volts or more should work.

  • How low can the temperature go before freezing with this hose ?

    FreezeFreeHoses have been tested to -20F. We believe temps can go even lower we just have not tested below -20F yet.