Heated Water Hose - FreezeFreeHose IV

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made in USA

New IV with a built in thermostat

The new and improved FreezeFreeHose® IV.

All FreezeFreeHose® heated water hoses are made from 100% virgin polyurethane. This makes the FreezeFreeHose® drinking water safe and durable. This material will not permanently kink and made in 5/8"ID for maximum water flow. Most competitors hoses allow sunlight to penetrate, promoting algae and bacteria to grow. FreezeFreeHose® is black lined to prevent sunlight from the water source. The internal heater is regulated using a thermostat in the wye head assembly. When temperatures drop near freezing the thermostat will activate the internal heater preventing the water inside the FreezeFreeHose® from freezing. During the day when the temperature rises above 45°F the thermostat will turn your FreezeFreeHose® off. The FreezeFreeHose® plugs into a standard 120 volt GFCI socket. And it's grounded the full length. Use it for your RV drinking water supply, watering livestock, construction sites. Or any watering applications in below freezing temperatures. 

The FreezeFreeHose® Story

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Made in the Oregon USA.

  • FreezeFreeHose® is designed drinking water safe for potable water systems.
  • Rugged enough to be used in other applications, i.e. construction, farms, etc.
  • 5/8" inside diameter for maximum water flow.
  • Internal heater is grounded full length of hose.
  • Limited 1 year warranty.

Electrical Information:

FreezeFreeHose® uses an internal heat source regulated with a thermostat in the wye head assembly.


 Length Amps @ 120v Recommended
Circuit Breaker
25 1.65 15 AMP
50 3.05 15 AMP


Ask a Question
  • Our hose did not come with an electrical cord is there a special when we need to use?

    FreezeFreeHose does not come with an extension cord. Any extension cord rated for 15 amps 110-125 volt that is rated for outdoor use whould be sufficient. On the backside of our instruction sheet one of the bullet points read:

    • Always use an approved Outdoor grounded extension cord.  Do Not use any extension cord that shows any damage.
    Please read all instructions before using your FreezeFreeHose.