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Smart Heat Trace Self-Regulating Ultra Thin 220/240v Sold by the foot (minimum order 10')

Smart Heat Trace Self-Regulating Ultra Thin 220/240v Sold by the foot (minimum order 10')

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220 Volt

Smart Heat Trace Cable: Advanced PTC Technology for Efficient Heating

Innovative PTC Technology: Smart Heat Trace utilizes cutting-edge Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology, offering a self-regulating heating solution. Unlike the constant wattage heat cables commonly found in hardware stores, our Smart Heat Trace Cable is designed to adjust its heat output dynamically, ensuring optimal energy usage without the need for an external thermostat.

Ultra-Thin and Easy to Install: We've revolutionized the design of traditional heat trace cables. With our modern manufacturing technology, Smart Heat Trace Cable boasts an ultra-thin profile, measuring just 9/32” in width and 3/16” in thickness. This compact size not only makes it easier to install but also provides a more discreet appearance when in use.

Versatile and Safe for All Pipe Types: Whether you're dealing with plastic or metal pipes, our Smart Heat Trace Cable is the perfect fit. Its versatile design ensures it's safe and effective for all types of piping, providing reliable freeze protection.

Energy Efficient: Operating at 8 watts per foot when cold, this cable is designed for energy efficiency. Its self-regulating nature means it consumes power only when needed, reducing energy costs while maintaining optimal pipe temperatures.

Flexible and Damage-Resistant: The flexibility of our Smart Heat Trace Cable allows for various installation methods - it's safe to cross, spiral, or overlap itself. This feature is a significant advantage over typical constant wattage heat cables, which can be damaged if improperly installed or used on sensitive materials like plastic.

Compact Size Comparison: To put it into perspective, traditional self-regulating heat trace cables are approximately 1/2” wide and 1/4” thick. Our Smart Heat Trace Cable, with its significantly smaller dimensions, offers a more practical and less obtrusive solution for your pipe heating needs.

Choose Smart Heat Trace for Reliable and Efficient Pipe Heating: Opt for a smarter, safer, and more energy-efficient way to protect your pipes from freezing. Our Smart Heat Trace Cable is an advanced solution designed to meet the demands of modern installations.

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