FAQ - Troubleshooting


My FreezeFreeHose® does not heat

  • Check power source. 
  • In a lot of cases it may be a GFCI socket that has tripped. Some GFCI sockets will supply several plugs. It is possible a GFCI has tripped on a plug located in a different area cutting power to the source of your FreezefreeHose®. 
  • Check extension cord.
Water leaking at faucet Make sure gasket is inside female swivel hose connector.Tighten hand tight then ¼ turn with wrench.
My FreezeFreeHose® froze at the fitting The FreezeFreeHose® only protects the hose and wye. All fittings and faucets connections need to be insulated to protect it from freezing.
My Add-A-Stat® will not stay plugged into FreezeFreeHose® We recommend plugging in the Add-A-Stat® at the power source rather than FreezeFreeHose® electrical cuff. If you must plug the Add-A-Stat® into the FreezeFreeHose® use duct tape to support the weight of the Add-A-Stat® and electrical cord to help prevent the cord from accidentally becoming unplugged.
Water coming out of my FreezeFreeHose® is very hot. Water not running in the FreezeFreeHose® can get to 95°F +-3°F. This is less than the temperature of water in a garden hose left in sunlight, which could reach 135°F. It is recommended to run the water until it has cooled down. Water hoses have 2 oz per foot of stored water in them.