Add-A-Stat thermostatic freeze protection for electrical heating devices

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The Add-A-Stat is a thermostatically controlled device that can be added to an extension cord, heat tape, portable heaters, heat lamps, engine block heaters and many more electronic devices that you wish to turn on when it's cold. When installed the Add-A-Stat will automatically turn on the device when the temperature drops to 35℉ and remain on until temperature reaches 48 ℉.

The Add-A-Stat can be added to any device within the electrical specifications that needs to be activated when temperatures approach near freezing.

Some uses for Add-A-Stat:

RV - Turn on and off a space heater in an RV to prevent freezing
  • Heat Tape 
  • Heat Lamps
  • Chicken Coops
  • Farm animal living space
  • Stock Tank Heaters
  • Pond deicers
  • Engine Block Heaters
  • Strobe Light for Freeze warning
  • Heated hoses

Maximum amp load: 15 AMPS 115V