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Smart Heat Trace with 110-volt cord - Select Length 3' to 100'

Smart Heat Trace with 110-volt cord - Select Length 3' to 100'

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Smart Heat Trace Cable with 110-Volt Cord - Precision Assembled in Klamath Falls, OR, USA

State-of-the-Art Freeze Protection: Experience the next level of freeze protection with our Smart Heat Trace Cable. Utilizing cutting-edge Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology, this self-regulating heat cable delivers consistent and reliable warmth to prevent freezing in pipes. Unlike standard constant wattage cables, our smart solution adapts to temperature changes, eliminating the need for an external thermostat.

Ready for Easy Installation: The Smart Heat Trace Cable comes pre-assembled with a grounded plug, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Its ultra-thin design, measuring just 9/32” by 3/16”, makes it more manageable and easier to install than typical heat trace cables. Suitable for water-filled plastic or metal pipes, it's a versatile solution for a range of applications.

Energy-Efficient Operation: Operating at 120 volts and 8 watts per foot when cold, our cable is designed for energy efficiency. To further conserve energy, pair it with our Add-A-Stat for optimal usage control. This smart cable is safe to cross, spiral, or overlap itself, providing flexibility in installation without the risk of damage.

Expertly Assembled in the USA: Each cable is meticulously assembled in our facility in Klamath Falls, OR, with both domestic and imported components. This ensures you receive a high-quality product that supports U.S. labor and manufacturing standards.

Durable and Compact Design: Despite its slim profile, the Smart Heat Trace Cable is robust and built to last. It stands up to harsh environmental conditions, offering reliable freeze protection year after year.

Your Trustworthy Freeze Defense: With the Smart Heat Trace Cable, you're not just purchasing freeze protection; you're investing in a smart, efficient, and dependable solution to safeguard your property against harsh winter conditions.

Choose Your Length: Available in lengths ranging from 3' to 100', select the size that best fits your needs. Whether for a small residential project or a larger commercial application, we have you covered.

Order Now for Peace of Mind: Don't wait for the cold to set in. Add our Smart Heat Trace Cable with 110-Volt Cord to your cart today and ensure your pipes are protected no matter the weather.

Also consider out new Pre-Coiled smart heat trace for easy installation. 

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