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Smart Heat Trace with 110-volt cord - Select Length 3' to 100'

Smart Heat Trace with 110-volt cord - Select Length 3' to 100'

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Smart Heat Trace Ultra Thin is a pipe heat cable similar to the pipe heat cable found in home improvement and hardware stores, however Smart Heat Trace uses PTC (positive temperature coefficient) technology, a self-regulating heat cable. Most hardware stores sell constant wattage heat cable that is less expensive and requires a thermostat. With a more modern manufacturing technology, the dimensions of the Smart Heat Trace is much smaller than your typical heat trace, making it easier to install. It’s Ultra-Thin.


  • Use for water filled plastic or metal pipe.
  • Pre-assembled easy to install. Including grounded plug.
  • 120 volts, 8 watts per foot when cold.
  • Self regulating. No thermostat required, however to conserve on energy use our Add-A-Stat.
  • OK to cross, spiral, or overlap itself…. (With the typical constant wattage heat cable damage can occur).
  • Length sold is the heat cable not including the electrical cord. (electric cord is 3' long)


Typical self-regulating heat trace cable dimensions are approximately 1/2” wide X 1/4” thick. Smart Heat Trace Cable is 9/32” X 3/16”.


Also consider out new Pre-Coiled smart heat trace for easy installation. 



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