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The SmartThaw FE Faucet Freeze Protection Valve will protect the faucet and supply pipe from freezing 24 / 7.
Simple to use. Just screw onto faucet and turn the Faucet on.
No electrical power required.
The SmartThaw FE Faucet Freeze Protection Valve uses the same principal as leaving a faucet dripping to prevent frozen pipes, however it does it automatically. Faucet dripping waste a lot of water, it will drip continually until it is turned off manually regardless of the temperature of the water. The SmartThaw FE Faucet Freeze Protection Valve uses an aerospace technology thermal element to activate a drip valve automatically. When the water temperature reaches near freezing the valve will open and bring up warmer ground water and cycle off. When that water chills to near freezing it cycles on again. This cycle will continues until the water temperature is no longer a threat of damage to faucet and pipe. The small amount of water, that drips from the valve, can be caught in a bucket and recycled onto trees, shrubbery, watering animals, etc.
Recommended for Climate Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and parts of 5. You can find a Climate Zone Map on Smart Tech Products website:


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