SmartThaw™ Freeze Protection Valve

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D1Keep your solar collectors and exposed pipes from freezing with a SmartTechProducts Solar Freeze Protection Valve. The valve operates without any electrical power. The Solar Freeze protection Valve contains a thermal actuator. When temperatures are approaching freezing, approximately 34°F, the valve will open. When properly installed, this will allow warmer water supply to flush colder water from your solar panels. When the temperature reaches 39°F, the valve will close. This cycle will continue, preventing panels and pipes from freezing.

3/4" x 3/4" Male Pipe Thread

 Use in zones 1-4.

Material of Construction: Brass Product: SmartThaw™ FPV
Features: Automatic Item: Freeze Protection Valve
Outlet (In.): 3/4" Male NPT Part Number: STP-FPV1
Inlet (In.): 3/4" Male NPT UPC: 747501905983


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Ask a Question
  • What is the minimum pressure required to open the valve when temperature falls to 34F?

    No pressure required to open valve. Maximum operation pressure the valve is rated at is 116ps (0.8Mpa).

  • 1.What is the maximum water temperature or maximum valve temperature when used in climate zone 3? 2. Are there any special instructions for use with solar water heating panels (flat plate type, NOT evacuated tube type)? 3. Is there a fine screen on the input side to prevent debris from entering the valve?

    1. Maximum operation temperature is 248°F (120°C)
    2. Nothing special. 
    3. There is no screen.

  • What valve can be used in Climate Zone 6 for this purpose and why can't this one be used there?

    Thermostatic valves like SmartThaw™ require warmer ground water temperature to close them. In certain colder zones the ground water is not warm enough to close the valve. If your ground water temperature reaches 40°F or higher in the winter this valve would work. Currently we do not have a valve to work in colder zones.

  • Hi, What is the max pressure rating? Thanks

    Thank you for the question. According to the manufacturer the maximum working pressure for the SmartThaw valve is 145 PSI.