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SOCKiTBOX 200 Small

SOCKiTBOX 200 Small

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SOCKiTBOX 200 is perfect for use with Add-A-Stat® (Sold Separately). Keeps all electrical connections dry. Easy to use, lightweight and portable. Protects your electrical connections from dust and moisture. UV resistant construction and child safe with tie locking. Idea for timers, extension cords and single sockets. Works perfectly with Add-A-Stat® (Sold Separately)


Internal dimensions 7.8IN Wide x 3.5IN High x 3.5IN Deep. 

Key Uses Domestic

  • water features/swimming pools
  • electric garden power appliances
  • pressure washers
  • outdoor heating equipment
  • decorative lighting


  • marquee & party lighting
  • festive/holiday lighting
  • camping
  • leisure boating
  • outdoor activities


Add-A-Stat® Sold Separately

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