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made in USA

Premium water hose made from 100% virgin polyurethane in the USA.  SunBlockHose™ water hoses are made of same high quality drinking water safe material as our FreezeFreeHose®. This material will not permanently kink. Most hoses allow sunlight to penetrate, promoting algae and bacteria to grow. SunBlockHose™ water hoses are lined with black sun blocking material. This blocks the sunlight from reaching the water. SmartTechProducts™ assembles these hoses in the USA. We know these hoses are not cheap, but this may very well be the last hose you'll ever buy.

 Length Price  Length Price
5 foot $31.95 55 foot $99.95
10 foot $38.95 60 foot $106.95
15 foot $45.95 65 foot $112.95
20 foot $52.95 70 foot $118.95
25 foot $60.95 75 foot $125.95
30 foot $68.95 80 foot $131.95
35 foot $74.95 85 foot $137.95
40 foot $80.95 90 foot $144.95
45 foot $87.95 95 foot $150.95
50 foot $93.95 100 foot $157.95


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Made in the Oregon USA.

  • SunBlockHose™ is designed drinking water safe for potable water systems.
  • Rugged enough to be used in other applications, i.e. construction, farms, etc.
  • Limited 5 year warranty.
  • 5/8" inside diameter for maximum water flow.

For heated water hoses check out our FreezeFreeHose®


Ask a Question
  • Is the sunblocker hose lead and bpa free?

    We use only 100% virgin polyurethane. The formulations we use meet both FDA and NSF standards for drinking water safe applications. We don't use regrind or recycled resins that can often be contaminated and/or have compromised mechanical properties.

    The polyurethane we use is 100% virgin and does not contain harmful lead, BPA or phthalates (plasticizers).